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We decided to develop a CDSS (clinical decision support system) in summer, 2018.

The idea of creating this system is to support and help physicians and health care organizers in making more effective decisions for improving the quality of patients care and decreasing mortality.

We have a well-balanced team of experts in medicine, machine learning, and information technologies.

Our goal is to prevent diseases when possible.

Our team

The team of professionals in medicine and IT

Roman Novitsky Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Gusev Chief Business Development Officer, PhD

Andrey Salikov Сhief Сommercial Officer

Sergey Gilev Сhief marketing officer

Denis Gavrilov Chief Medical Officer

Ilya Gelzin Product Manager

Vladimir Borisov Head of Forecast Model Development

Ilya Tryapitsyn Team Leader

Galina Gavrilenko

Lev Konovalov Operation leader Of NLP development

Malinova Polina QA-Lead

Michail Kashin DevOps Engineer

Anna Guseva PR manager

Scientific ADVISORS

Tatyana Kuznetsova Medical expert, Ph.D

Alexander Ivshin Medical expert

Alexsander Rogov Expert in Mathematical Modeling, PhD

Tokarev Sergey Medical expert, Ph.D

Igor Korsakov Lead Data Science Analyst, PhD in Math & Computer Science


Фонд "Сколково"
МИС Поликлиники ОАО Кондопожский ЦБК
Петрозаводский государственный университет
Национальная база медицинских знаний
Центр медицинской профилактики ЯНАО
Национальная технологическая инициатива
ФГБОУВО "Сибирский государственный медицинский университет" Минздрава РФ

Awards and Achievements

Первый искусственный интеллект для здравоохранения  в России, зарегистрированный как медицинское изделие
The first software using artificial intelligence for healthcare which was registered as a medical device in Russia

April 3, 2020: The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation (Roszdravnadzor) has approved Webiomed CDSS as a medical device.

Победитель в категории "Прорыв года" премии Digital Health Awards 2020
Winner in the "Breakthrough of the Year" nomination of Digital Health Awards 2020

Webiomed won the Breakthrough of the Year nomination in the Digital Health Awards. It is a Russian award for the best achievements in the field of digital medical technologies.

Победитель конкурса «Стартап-ралли»-2020 в номинации "Цифровая медицина"
Winner of the "Digital Health" nomination of Startup Rally 2020

Startup Rally is a competition for innovative developments in the field of new drugs and medical devices, which was organized at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

Призер конкурса "Безопасность медицинских изделий - на благо людей"
Prizewinner of the 'Safety of medical devices for the benefit of people' contest

According to the results of the competition, K-SkAI took second place in 'Safety of medical devices for the benefit of people' contest.

Победитель конкурса «Технологии умной клиники»
The winner of the Smart Clinic Technologies competition

The purpose of the competition is to find innovative solutions in the field of automation, optimization and digitalization of various aspects of medical care, which are ready for implementation and distribution, in order to achieve the objectives of the National Technological Initiative.

Победитель в спецноминации "Персонализированная медицина" от Roche
The winner of 'Personalized Medicine' special category of Roche company

The special 'Personalized Medicine' category was established in partnership with Roche.

Победитель конкурса конкурса инновационных проектов в области здравоохранения Sanofi совместно с Фондом " Сколково"
Winner in the competition of innovative projects in the field of healthcare organized by Sanofi and the Skolkovo Foundation

Webiomed project was among the three winners of the competition.

Победитель коммерческого трека AstraZeneca Skolkovo StartUp Challenge 2020
Winner of AstraZeneca Skolkovo StartUp Challenge 2020

The Webiomed project is the winner of the commercial track of the AstraZeneca Skolkovo StartUp Challenge 2020 acceleration program, which was held by the Skolkovo Foundation and the AstraZeneca International Biopharmaceutical Company.

Лауреат конкурса «Лучшее ИТ решение для здравоохранения 2020»
Laureate of the 'The best IT Solution for healthcare 2020' contest

Webiomed became laureate of the 'The best IT Solution for healthcare 2020' of the 'Information Technologies in Medicine 2020' international congress.

Победитель в номинации «Цифровые решения для здравоохранения»
Winner in the 'Digital Healthcare Solutions' nomination

The Webiomed system was recognized as the winner in the "Digital solutions for healthcare" nomination of the competitive selection organized by the "Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation" Autonomous Nonprofit Organization together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Webiomed will be included to the Bank of digital solutions and practices recommended for distribution in Russian regions.

Номинант Национальной  премии «Приоритет 2020»
A nominee of the National Prize "Priority 2020"

K-SkAI, the developer of Webiomed predictive analytics system, was nominated for the award in "Medicine and Health Care" and "Technology Startup" categories.

Победитель конкурса инноваций «100 идей для развития Карелии»
Winner of the '100 ideas for the development of Karelia' innovation competition

Webiomed, an artificial intelligence project for healthcare, won the Innovation in Priority Areas category and was recognized as the best idea of the competition. The competition was organized with the support of the Venture Investment Fund of the Republic of Karelia and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Лауреат конкурса «Лучшее ИТ решение для здравоохранения 2019»
Laureate of the 'The best IT Solution for healthcare' contest

For the Webiomed CDSS in the framework of the international congress #ITM2019

Призер в номинации: «Лучший инновационный проект»
Prize winner in the 'Best Innovative Project' nomination

The "Implementation of artificial intelligence systems for medicine" project (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) won the "Best Innovative Project" nomination of the PROF-IT.2019 contest.

Номинант на гран-при как «Стартап года» премии Digital Health Awards 2019
Grand Prix nominee as the Startup of the Year at the Digital Health Awards 2019

Webiomed CDSS was among the nominees for the Grand Prix of the Digital Health Awards as "Startup of the Year".

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