Novitsky Roman

Chief Executive Officer

Project role

General management of the company, organization and legal issue, security and data protection, licensing and certification, financial  questions and risk management.


Нigh technical education: 1998, Petrozavodsk State University : diploma with  excellent ,degree in  Automated Information Processing and Management Systems.

Professional achievements

Нe has been leading the company K-MIS since 2007. This Company is one of the top developers of medical software in Russia. According to the monitoring of the market for informatization of public health in the Russian Federation for 2013-2017, K-MIS takes 5th place in terms of revenue.

Recent publications:

Professional interests

Project management, budgeting process, personnel management, team building, negotiations with potential customers.

tel: +7(911) 400-50-00

tel: +7(814-2) 67-20-10


SPIN-код: 8309-1740

AuthorID: 1031438

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