Yuliya Pashkova

Business analyst

Project role

Interaction with potential customers. Assessment of the effectiveness of projects. Project management.


  • 2007,  Petrozavodsk State University: degree in maths
  • 2009,  Petrozavodsk State University: degree in economics

Professional achievements

She has experience in the field of analysis of financial, economic and investment activities of enterprises since 2006, as the head of the enterprise - since 2017.

What is more, she took part in international projects as an expert.

She was studying at the Ernst & Young Academy of Business in the areas of “Financial Modeling: Model Development Techniques and Forecasting the Financial Situation of Business” and “Assessment of Investment Projects” from 2012 to 2013 years.

She took part in marketing and sales workshops from 2017 to 2019 years.

Main area of ​​professional interest

Budget management, financial modelling, corporate governance, business process analysis and optimization, strategic enterprise analysis

tel:+ 7 (921) 222-55-27

email: upashkova@webiomed.ai