Galina Gavrilenko

Project role

Insurance sector


Higher Education: Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology, Department of Oceanology; year of graduation - 2009,

Professional achievements

  • Completed postgraduate studies in hydrology, hydrochemistry, water resources
  • Participated in projects supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • Participated in the international research project GHG Lakes (2016).
  • Participated in the joint Russian-Swiss project "Ladoga: Life under ice"


Recent publications

  1. SPATIAL-TIME VARIABILITY OF THE FLOW OF PHOTOSYNTHETICALLY ACTIVE SOLAR RADIATION IN A SHALLOW-WATER LAKE DURING THE OPEN WATER PERIOD Gavrilenko G.G, Zdorovennova G.E, Zdorovennov R. E.,  Palshin N. I., Efremova Т.V., Terzhevik A.Yu. Society. Environment. Development. 2015. No. 3 (36). Page 186-192.
  2. OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF LAKE VENDYURSKOE Zdorovennov R.E., Gavrilenko G.G., Zdorovennova G.E., Palshin N.I., Efremova T.V., Golosov S.D., Terzhevik A.Yu. Geography, Environment, Sustainability. 2016. Т. 9. № 3. Page 74-87.
  3. ALBEDO OF A SMALL ICE-COVERED BOREAL LAKE: DAILY, MESO-SCALE AND INTERANNUAL VARIABILITY ON THE BACKGROUND OF REGIONAL CLIMATE Zdorovennova G., Palshin N., Efremova T., Zdorovennov R., Gavrilenko G., Volkov S., Bogdanov S., Terzhevik A. Geosciences (Switzerland). 2018. Т. 8. № 6. Page  206.
  4. STABILITY OF THE WATER MASS AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE OXYGEN REGIME OF A POLYMICTIC LAKE Gavrilenko G.G, Zdorovennova G.E, Volkov S.Yu., Bogdanov S.R., Zdorovennov R. E. Geopolitics and ecogeodynamics of regions. 2018. T. 4 (14). No. 1. Page 57-71.

- The 17th International Workshop  on Physical Processes in Natural Waters (PPNW2014) Trento, Italy
- IGU Moscow 2015

Main area of professional interest

Data analysis, mathematical modeling

elibrary id: gg.gavrilenko
SPIN: 5528-2585