30 июня 2018

About the session “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Digital Health"


On June 26-28, the All-Russian Consilium of Honored Doctors of Russia was held in Moscow. The event was organized by the Association of Honored Doctors of Russia in cooperation with the National Agency for Social Communications. The main goal was to consolidate the professional community and develop a common common understanding of what Russian health care should be by 2025, what barriers and problems need to be overcome and what results to achieve.

The council was held in an unusual for many method, which is called "School of activization of citizenship" . It was not a well-known conference with speeches and reports, summing up and decision-making, memorandums, etc. Instead, all the work was divided into 10 so-called strategic sessions - collective brainstorming sessions conducted on a pre-determined topic and consisting of a community of very different people who decided to work in the framework of such a session.

Full list of all strategic sessions of the consultation:
1. Artificial intelligence in medicine. Digital Health.
2. Mentoring and vocation in medicine.
3. Social health insurance. Health economics.
4. 4P medicine: a balance between evidence and innovation.
5. Medico-social habilitation and rehabilitation as a single continuous process.
6. Medicine within walking distance. Roadmap - region
7. Drug provision. The development of biotechnology.
8. Lean clinic.
9. Protection of motherhood and childhood.
10. Implementation of psychology in medicine

Each session was divided in turn into several groups consisting of 3-7 to 20 or more people. The work format consisted of 2 days of very dense work, which began at about 10 am and ended for some groups late at night. Each strategic session had its own leaders and coordinators who monitored the observance of the methodology and helped the participants in their work. To visualize how this whole thing happened - just watch this video:

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