Reliable digital assistant to identify high-risk patients, reduce morbidity and mortality

WEBIOMED is a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that use machine learning and artificial intelligence

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WEBIOMED for clinicians

Reliable digital assistant, trained on the results of evidence-based medicine and modern clinical guidelines.

  • Automatic Identification of Risk Factors
  • Automatic determination of the likelihood of developing a disease
  • Compliance with clinical practice guidelines
  • Reduced time of the patient risk assessment
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WEBIOMED for healthcare organizer

Ready-made, trained solution to identify high-risk patients, to prevent morbidity and mortality.

  • Automatic risk stratification of patients
  • A more efficient organization of preventive work aimed at personal group of patients with a high risk of complications and death
  • The ability to route patients depending on the assessment obtained
  • Reduced morbidity and mortality
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WEBIOMED for developers

Powerful artificial intelligence to evaluate medical data and identify risk factors without development costs.

  • The addition of medical decision support functions
  • Ready service for evaluating EHR and to identify the risk factors
  • Reducing the costs of development of medical information system
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How does it works?

Gathering of information

The doctor in the electronic medical record (EHR) gives a command to assess the risk.

You give the command to assess the risk of patient

Medical Information System sends data set to WEBIOMED

WEBIOMED Identifies risk factors and predicts complications.

Individual recommendations for the patient and the doctor are formed.

Analysis of information

WEBIOMED identifies risk factors and predict the likelihood or even death of a patient. It generates individual recommendations for the prevention of the disease.

Results on your screen

The answer sends to the information system that requested the data analysis. The user sees the result in the interface of his Medical Information System.

WEBIOMED sends the response back to Medical Information System

You can see the results in the interface of your system

Our team

The team of professionals from medicine and IT-technologies

Tatyana Kuznetsova

Medical expert PhD in Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of Faculty Therapy, Phthisiology, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology

Denis Gavrilov

Medical expert Head of the Cardiology Department of the Emergency Hospital in Petrozavodsk,Member of the Russian Society of Cardiology and European Society of Cardiology, Society of specialists in heart failure , Russian Antihypertensive League ,Chairman of the Karelian Republican Branch of the Russian Society of Cardiology, Association of outpatient rehabilitation

Igor Korsakov

an Expert in Artificial Intelligence An Expert in NLP and Artificial Intelligence in medicine

Gusev Aleksander

IT expert Product development strategy and Market Launch,consulting in the subject area,PhD in Engineering sciences

Ilya Gelzin

Leader Оperational management of software development, management of software quality control and services

Artem Izosin

Team Leader Development team leadership,quality control

Sergey Kopylov

Developer Application Development, Product Design and Usability, standardization and improvement of software development processes

Serova Larisa

Expert on scientific work Scientific work, project analysts, preparation of technical documentation and analytical reports, PhD in Engineering sciences.

Guseva Anna

Аnalyst IT expert, project analysis

Tareev Pavel

Developer Backend development. Development of the expert part of the system.

Lukin Denis

Developer Frontend development. Development of the expert part of the system.


For connection

Base rate

  • Automated risk assessment
  • Integration Medical Information System to the system
  • Interpretation of the results

Advanced Rate

  • Automated risk assessment
  • Integration Medical Information System to the system
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Clinical guideline for physicians
  • Recommendations to patients
By subscription

Affiliate program

Connect to WEBIOMED for free and without restrictions! Sign up now

Owners of high-quality structured electronic medical data are invited to join the affiliate program. We include your work in our product, in return, you use WEBIOMED for free in your work.

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WEBIOMED project development stages

27 Май 2019

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27 Май 2019

We participate in the discussion of regulatory issues of registration of CDSS as medical devices


24 Янв 2019

WEBIOMED has been launched into the pilot operation in Yamal


15 Янв 2019

Assessment of the severity of pneumonia have been added to WEBIOMED

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